Attention Retailers: Retailer TV™ is here! This program is now available to retailers nationwide and is custom branded specifically for your chain. This is the most exciting and effective in-store marketing program in the industry. Retailer TV provides televised content directly on the store shelves prompting immediate point-of-decision sales. Retailer TV is produced by The MHM Group and is co-promoted by the Alive & Well television series. Visit for more information or contact us at 800.790.4788.

Attention Manufacturers and Marketers of Health, Beauty and Nutritional Products:

Alive & Well is the #1 healthy lifestyle series in the nation, airing twice daily, reaching over 200 markets nationwide. Alive & Well offers a cost-effective way to reach your target demographic and add television to your marketing campaign. Please visit the Alive & Well website at www.AliveandWell.TV or contact us at 800.790.4788. Also, if the retailers currently selling your product aren't carrying Retailer TV, please ask them to visit our website at for more information.


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